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They are designed for rapid cooling and storage of fresh chilled milk in livestock farms immediately after milking, in purchasing points for fresh milk and dairy processing plants, in order to preserve its original nutritional and biological qualities and to prolong its bactericidal phase. They have the simplest technical construction, which ensures easy and safe operation. They are made of stainless steel or aluminum sheet designed for food contact containers. The bathtubs are compact and take up little space.

The refrigeration system is equipped with an airtight CFC unit. The units are loaded with approved refrigerants. Baths can also be used to cool other food liquids and water.

Implementation of units with semi-hermetic compressors of own production is forthcoming.

We design and manufacture milk cooling baths according to individual sizes and customer requirements

INOX 200

With Teflon coating:

Technical Data

– Stainless Steel AISI – 304, 316
– Automatic control panel
– Stirrer / agitator / with automatic control
– Drain tap 1 ¼
– Mineral wool insulation

– Washing head (depending on customer  request)
– Working volume – 100 ÷ 1000 liters
– Cooling range +4 ÷ 0 ° C
– Operating ambient temperature +5 ÷ + 32 ° C
– Supply voltage – 220 V or 380 V ± 10% (depending on customer request)
– Current frequency – 50 Hz or 60 Hz (depending on customer request)
– Power consumption – 0,4 ÷ 2,2kW (depending on the vat type )

NoCooling Tank Power supply voltage
Power consumption
Refrigerant Stirrer
L x B x H /mm/
1Cooling Tank 200 l.220/3801,2R-404AR-134A 20950x1000x120070
2Cooling Tank 300 l.220/3801,2R-404AR-134A 20950x1000x130080
3Cooling Tank 400 l.220/3801,6R-404AR-134A 20950x1600x130090
4Cooling Tank 500 l.220/3801,8 R-404AR-134A 20950x1700x130090
5Cooling Tank 600 l.220/3801,8R-404AR-134A 20950x1700x1400100
6Cooling Tank 700 l.220/3801,8R-404AR-134A 201200x1700x1400150
7Cooling Tank 800 l.220/3801,8R-404AR-134A 201200x1700x1400150
8Cooling Tank 900 l220/3802,2R-404AR-134A 201200x1700x1400170
9 Cooling Tank 1000 l.220/3802,2R-404AR-134A 201300x1800x1400200