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The first in service for small and medium milk producers. 30 years of experience with breeders. Correct work with professional technologists. Innovative developments.


“TONY START” offers a wide range of high-tech equipment for your production purposes. The products are made of high quality materials, which is why they give high indicators such as reliability, quality and convenience.


“TONY START” offers warranty and post-warranty service to its customers



Designed for processing and production of milk. The equipment has been  developed on the basis of Ordinance No 26 / 14.10.2010 of the Ministry of Agriculture about  the requirements for the supply of small quantities of raw materials and food from animal products. We also offer additional equipment that extends the technological capabilities of the enterprise and can be delivered in stages. The developed equipment allows to produce cheese, yoghurt, fresh milk, yellow cheese, etc. with appropriate combination of the individual elements. The construction and materials meet the hygiene standards for food production.

01/Milk intake

02/ Pump

03/ Milk-Cooling Vat

04/ Fermenter, Volume Pasteurizer , Cheese-Maker

05/ Cooler / Ice Water Aggregate

06/ Cheese Making Coagulation Vat + Cheese Making  Tools

07/ Press

08/ Pressing Device

09/ Chamber 1

10/ Chamber 2

11/ Sink

12/ Work Table

13/ Cutting Table

14/ Window

15/ Door

16/ Cabinet for Salt

17/ Cabinet for Boxes

18/ Cabinet for Clothes

19/ Aggregate

20/ Switchboard

21/ Channel

22/ Ventilation

23/ Chamber Door

24/ Ready Production

Cheese production system
Yellow cheese production system
Yogurt production system