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The company is known both in Bulgaria and in Europe, as well as in Asia,
Africa and America.

In 2019 it has celebrated 30 years since its founding. It  has developed many  projects for small dairies, installations and
machines for the food industry. At this stage, farmers in Bulgaria have the
necessary knowledge and understand the importance of introducing new technological
processes in their daily work. The solutions we offer for animal husbandry are
related to the entire optimization of work processes and reducing the impact of
the human factor and increasing productivity.



The wide range of certified machines that Tony Start produces combined
with rich experience of  30 years  and good ideas are able to change the look of
native agriculture and animal husbandry.

 Every year we visit important
exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe.
In 2002 we  have patented a product / milk cooling bath /
with a reliable and simple construction, which exhibit in 2004 has been awarded
a gold medal at the International Fair in Plovdiv.

In 2018 the company has participated  in the Autumn Technical Fair in Plovdiv, where it has presented itself with an attractive stand  with a rich portfolio and new products. Fifty Liter Milk Processing Plant. In the competition for innovation the company has got  a  Gold Medal award  for a developed product / ‘Mini Milk Processing System’  and its derivatives /.

In 2019 we have been again awarded the Gold Medal at the Autumn Technical Fair in Plovdiv  for the exhibit  of Ice
Generator for Flaky Ice.

   We are specialized in the production of machinery, equipment and technological lines for the food industry. The high quality of our products and the competitive pricing policy make us a preferred partner for the equipment of your enterprise or farm.





The company strives constantly  to improve the quality of the  products and to  increase the  productivity. We work with established suppliers of materials or their representatives in Bulgaria. In the flawlessly produced products we see the decisive factor for the success of our work. Through customer orientation we strive to  meet  to expectations to us.


 Good work, punctuality, compliance with agreed delivery terms  and good relationships with our contractors are the leading elements in our daily routine. They helped us to make the company to step on the international market. For export products we comply and work according to the individual requirements of the respective counterparty.


 The whole Tony Start team is working hard to establish us as a desirable and preferred partner. In addition to the standard products, for its customers the company implements individual projects for unique and non-standard constructions  in accordance with the customer’s requirements for size and shape, in order to meet fully their needs. The most important for us are the long-term relationships based on honesty and professionalism  which are a guarantee of success and stable development.